You will be "locked" inside a room which has its own theme, atmosphere and background story. Your goal is to find all the hints, solve all the puzzles and escape before time runs out.

Each room is designed for 2-6 people to play, except Horror escape, which requires a minimum of 3 players. Haunted photolab and Russian mafia are on the trickier side, so we recommend being at least 3 players if you are new to this.

You have 1 hour to solve the actual game. Arrive 15 min before to go through rules and preparatoin, play 1 hour and then pay/talk about what just happened 5-10 min. We usually count with 1,5 hours just so you will make it to your dinner reservations afterwards.

Before each game, our game masters will explain the rules and answer all your questions (nothing revealing, though). When everyone is ready, you get the background story of this particular room and are then let in. Once inside the room, you will start looking for clues and solving puzzles just like in any other computer game, except for this time it happens in real life. If needed, you ask for hints. It's up to you how many hints you want, but obviously less makes it more fun. If you are smart enough, you find the way out or whatever your quest was, if not - you die.

Everyone can play!
There is no age limit, which means both adults as will as kids will enjoy it. Children under 13 years should have at least one adult with them inside. Children under 18 should have at least one adult responsible, but not necessarily inside.
No specific knowledge is required, you and your teammates don't have to be geniuses.
The puzzles aren't connected to any language, which means both tourists and locals can play.
If you are in a wheelchair, you can probably play the rooms at Fridhemsplan, but please give us a call to double check.
You can't play if:
- You are intoxicated by either alcohol or drugs.
- You are too rude, loud or threatening our game masters in any way.
It's safety first, giving the game master full right to send you home if you don't behave.

A better question is: Why not?
Questrooms is a great way to spend your time with friends, family, colleagues or loved ones and a way more exiting than bowling or cinema. You are guaranteed to have fun with the brain teasers and puzzles we prepared for you in each room. Bring your date or come celebrate your birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party or organize a team-building.
Companies like Spotify, H&M, Volvo and even the police, have already experienced the joy of team work at Questrooms. Escaping the room will either test your collaboration and reliability level among your colleagues, or just relax and have fun outside your work environment.

Book your game by choosing date and time slot in the calendar. Fill in your details and wait for your confirmation e-mail with further information. If you are late, we have to shorten your playing time in order to stick to the schedule. For additional requests or questions, please contact us and we will do out best to help you.

The price depends on the amount of players and time of your visit. Choose date and time in the calendar. When you choose the amount of players, you will see the price per person. The more players, the cheaper per person. You can pay together or separately with cash, swish or card AFTER the game

If you have received a confirmation-sms, click on the link and either change the amount of players as many times you want up to 15 min prior to game start. For cancellation, just press "cancel/avboka". If you have only received your booking confirmation through by email, please email or call us. Note that this must be done at least 24h prior to game start in order to avoid the cancellation fee of 800kr.

Of course! We try to avoid using fragile or sharp objects in our games. Each room is equipped with surveillance cameras which help game masters to monitor the entire game. In case of emergency, all the locks and doors are opened automatically and you get out in no time.

Yes you can! A lot of people have already surprised their nearest and dearest with a gift card from Questrooms. Click here to read more and order one.

If you have a giftcard from us, you just book a game as usual and bring it to hand over to the game master as payment. If it's a gift card from Great days, you write "Great days code: xxx-xxxx-xxxx" in the comment section when booking. Don't forget to make sure lowercase, uppercase and dashes are in the right place.
Please note that the gift cards are for up to 5 players. If you are 6 players, the 6th pay at the location ba cash, card or swish.

Prison break and Haunted photolab are the only two suitable for someone in a wheel chair. In photolab, there is one moment that a wheelchair won't go in, but this is merely 10 min altogether of the game. Some things might be hard to reach, however you won't be playing alone so here is where the team effort comes in. Overall, yes it's possible but the experience might only be 90% of the usual. To get to the rooms which are located in a basement, there is a 15m car-ramp to roll down. As long as you feel that is manageable, you're good to go!

Questrooms is an international company founded in St.Petersburg in 2014. The very same year, we opened our first European office in Stockholm, Sweden. Since then, more than 30 locations have been built in countries including Russia, Belarus, Canada, Germany, Kazakhstan, Italy, Cyprus and Finland. Our mission is to build high quality escape rooms throughout the world and deliver joy and excitement to everyone who is playing the game.

Call us! 08-543 544 02 You can also contact us via e-mail or use extrasensoric channels if you are a telepath.